Erin KuhErin Kuh is an ACE certified personal trainer and a registered dietitian, not the food police. She’s dedicated to helping others find balance, translate confusing and overwhelming diet and nutrition information into meals they can eat. Kuh provides the tools to help others reach their goals, whether it’s to lose weight, manage or prevent disease, or perform their best. She is the owner of The Plate Shaper, and works as a consultant dietitian to an acute-care hospital, rehab center and long-term care facilities in the southeastern region of New Mexico, where she lives with her husband and newborn daughter. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.
good carbs vs. bad carbs

Should You Carb Up for Weight Loss?

Could eating more carbs actually help you lose more weight? You’ve cut out bread, pasta, pretzels and potatoes. Not to mention ice cream, cookies and chips. While you’re better off without some of these high-calorie, high-carb options, where do you... Read More

Do's & Don'ts of Protein - Part 1

Protein Do’s and Don’ts: Part 1

Protein is suddenly being preached as the magic potion for results by everyone from weight loss coaches to athletes to fitness enthusiasts. While protein is essential to build and maintain muscle, provide the building blocks for hormones and many other... Read More