Fit Tip Thursday: The Perfect Squat

Ask any top fitness professional to choose their favorite exercise for the lower body and many would answer, “the squat.” And the reasons are simple. The squat contains all of the characteristics of a great exercise: It is a functional... Read More

The Three Best Ab Exercises For Your Workouts

Fit Tip Thursday: What is HIIT?

One of the hottest trends in fitness in the past few years has been High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). A form of cardiovascular exercise, HIIT has been around for decades but has recently exploded in popularity. It makes sense. One... Read More

Mix up your workout with these seven types of squats

7 Types of Squats to Try This Week

Squats! Some people love ’em, some hate ’em and some avoid them all together. The former—those who actually do squats—reap the benefits of these calorie-burning, muscle-building maneuvers. The latter can relate to “skipping leg day.” The squat is a total... Read More

friday five

Friday Fives: November 7th

Looking for a new favorite comfort food? Ready to unlock your full potential as a runner? Worried about the upcoming flu season? Click through our favorite posts from health and fitness bloggers across the web: 1. Mark’s Daily Apple shared... Read More

Powerful Flu-Fighting Fall Flavors

Powerful Flu-Fighting Fall Flavors

This fall and winter, give your immune system a boost and stay healthy while enjoying all of the seasonal flavors. Diet alone won’t guarantee a sneeze-free fall and winter though. Fending off the flu takes a comprehensive approach. Staying well-hydrated,... Read More