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Friday Fives: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween from the Bowflex Insider team! Trying to satisfy a ghoulish sweet tooth? Need a last-minute costume? Looking for a Halloween appropriate workout? Browse through our favorite Halloween posts from fitness bloggers across the web: Stay on track with... Read More


Fit Tip Thursday: Seated Ab Workouts

The statistics are nothing short of staggering. The average American spends roughly 13 hours a day sitting at home and work… 13 HOURS! That includes sitting while at work and sitting in front of the TV. When you add in... Read More

How Travel Can Become a Workout Itself

What Travel Taught Me About Workouts

Over the past few months, I’ve been feeling disconnected from my dearest friends. I’ve felt lonely and often longed for long conversations and laughter with those who know me best. Since none of them currently live down the street, or... Read More

friday five

Friday Fives: Spooky Treats

Have you planned the perfect menu for your Halloween party yet? On the hunt for healthy fall snacking options? Halloween is almost here, and with it comes plenty of sweet treats. We dare you not to scream over these Halloween-inspired... Read More

friday five

Friday Fives

Getting started as a beginning runner? Interested in incorporating kettlebell training into your fitness routine? Craving a delicious and easy cookie recipe? Read up on our favorite posts from health and fitness bloggers this week: Kristin of Iowa Girl Eats... Read More

Super Foods Debunked - Part 2

Super Foods Debunked, Part 2

What foods and supplements can help me be stronger, quicker, and recover faster? Curcumin/Turmeric Turmeric is a spice that gives mustard and curry its yellow color. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory that research shows can be effective in reducing pain... Read More