Best Fitness Trend 2015

The Best Fitness Trend for 2015

What is a trend? Technically speaking, it’s a change or development in a specific direction. In the fashion world, trends tend to get a lot of play. One such trend that comes to mind is the combination of the skinny... Read More

Don't Dry Out in the Winter

Don’t Dry Out in the Winter

It happens every year: You’re going about your ordinary day when you glance in the mirror and notice that your face looks like it suddenly has the texture (and color) of a potato chip… and that’s on a good day!... Read More

Friday Fives - This week's top five articles on health and fitness

Friday Fives: January 23

Looking for a tasty breakfast option? Ready to beat the dreaded flu season? Need a fitness reality check? Browse our favorite picks from health and fitness bloggers this week: Have you been wondering what the heck a foam roller is?... Read More